Adam in 2008

Life as usual. Academic traveling, some of it interesting (Oslo in the summer: seemed to me like Bristol set in northern Ontario.) Work progressing: a book manuscript that needs polishing. Many threads to follow. A logic paper half written, drafts about families of emotions.

The big development: I'm a grandfather. Rowan James Marshall Morton was born mid September. Ottawa is some way from BC or Alberta, but Beth has family in BC including Rowan's almost contemporary cousin, so visits should be frequent.

Susanna's father died in June, and her sadness coloured much of the summer and fall. Her mother remains in London, in middling health, and visiting and arranging for her will be a continuing concern for S.

Life on Bowen becomes more and more absorbing. The Jeep proves to be a good purchase as there are times when it is the only way to get along the long rough unpaved road. Doing it in the snow can be a real fairground ride. We're accumulating friends. Susanna has many musical connections on the island, and her band "deer in the headlights" is getting to be in demand. I bought a little dinghy to row in the sea. I sent a photo to my nephew Liam to show him good technique, with momentous consequences: an Olympic bronze medal for the Canadian lightweight men's four.

I'm still very content at Alberta. My very unorthodox logic course dominates my life in the fall, and I try to write during the rest of the year. (Though I'm giving a seminar at UBC the coming term.) I plan to retire from Alberta at the end of 2010-11. I should be half-time at UBC for a while after that.

I still cannot walk around the lake without a stick, and even them I am limping badly at the end. But there is general improvement, thanks partly to the exercises in a pool suggested by a brilliant physiotherapist. I'll always have a limp, and it will always be important to me to have time in the pool. But it's all quite manageable. Susanna climbed the mountain in the middle of the island, almost by mistake, and I have a hopeful fantasy of somehow getting up there myself.


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