Adam's memories of 2009

How could I forget any of these?

Susanna's gigs with her two bands, scowling at every missed note, but no one noticing. Happy times.

Me falling off the boat to Bowen Island in the dark, swimming before anyone noticed. Sea water is very bad for computers.

Walking with Toby by the lake in the spring when he broke away to attack some goslings. The parents stood him off, but they all moved into the water with a lot of honking. Then two minutes later from the large goose flock at the other side of the lake, a kilometer away, two more adults flew over and patrolled between the goose family and us. A call for reinforcements.

The rapids at skokumchook on the sunshine coast north of Vancouver, as the tide changes, where the surface current moves one direction and the slightly deeper current another, so that kayaks can sit still, move forward, move back, or oscillate.

Playing the oboe again, and not that badly.

Movie nights with my graduate students in Edmonton: old non-Hollywood strange or thoughtful films.

Lake Garda with Susanna in June, Bled with Edith in July. Two beautiful lakes, places for good talking.

Pushing ahead with my book, getting nearer. Revising yet again my logic course, which is now turning into a web course with colours and animation, and definitely unusual content.

Getting light in Edmonton, in preparation for selling up there (I leave summer 011) and moving to a small apartment in Vancouver (plus time on the island, of course.)

Christmas with Stephen and Beth and Rowan. A trip to Victoria together.