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random heads of state 

a mathematical fact about risk-taking and social inequality, that everyone should know

 it's mine, so I can do what I want

unbundling the too-big countries: weaving federalism

  logic textbook

pitch perception

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Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia
1866 Main Mall E370Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z1 Canada


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logic text

I teach an unusual introduction to symbolic logic, in which the central idea is not consequence (argument, deduction) but search. Consequence drops out as a special case.  It works better, both pedagogically and intellectually.  My notes for the course are a draft textbook, and my aim is to make them into an e-book. Here is the latest version of the draft textbook.   

A little more detail: The aim is to give a course which covers the standard symbolic logic topics but

- the class and the teacher actually discuss.  You don't just put up your hand when you don't understand something.
-  it doesn't have to start with lies about the place of deduction in reasoning
- students get more confidence and more facility with mathematical-flavoured thinking

to this end

- the focus is not on deduction but on search in databases. (Databases are first order models, really.)  Students learn for example how to approximate Boolean search on Google. Logical consequence drops out as a special case.
- we discuss the linguistic obstacles to phrasing a statement so it has the consequences you want, or a search command so it gets the items you want. scope, order, kinds of negation, separation of variables ..,  I play with invented quasi-English to make some of these clearer.  (I'm intending to rob the world's languages, particularly non-Indo-European ones, for ways of making points about quantification clearer.)


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